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Virkelig god og effektiv trimmekniv, der ikke skær, men trimmer pelsen og samtidig er behagelig at arbejde med da den passer perfekt i hånden. Forarbejdet i lækkert træ

SUPER FIN - uldkniv til detailer.

FIN - TOP uldkniv og trimmekniv.

MEDIUM - uld og trimmekniv.

COARSE - fantastisk til rulletrim.



GroomerDK Danish knife - FINE

Pretty smart tool for everyone - exclusive underocat remover as well as great for hand stripping. It can do actually all work - remove undercoat, full strip and be used for rolling. If you are considering to buy only one knife for all, go for Fine. It's our best seller, most popular knife.

Also called ''the little yellow'', after a knife which was once existing, but his production stopped. Our knife is very alike in function to the ''old yellow one''.

Fine knife has specially prepared sharpness, therefor it's not able to cut hair, but only remove together with roots.

GroomerDK Danish HAND crafted knives were developed as unique tool for all groomers which demand quality, comfort and function in one.

GroomerDK Danish knife - MEDIUM

Medium knife is genial for dogs with very harsh coat, ev. big breeds like giant schnauzer, standard schnauzer or some terriers with very compact coat. The function is very alike to FINE, but the distance between teeth is made to fit thicker hair. You can as well use it for rolling coat, specially on thinner hair.

GroomerDK Danish knife - COARSE

We knew, that we will need a tool for a rolling coat - knife which will take all on surface, but not too deep, so new coat will be able to develope all the time and can be kept in show condition over whole show season.

Such a coat demands tool, which can take only some of the coat with light hand. Well, our knife can actually do all, even we didn't expect so many functions from it. Anyway in praxis it can strip for rolling coat, it can also take all if you will use the deep teeth and to our surprise it's also a good undercoat remover, even it wasn't first plan of this tool. You will be impressed once you tried this clever tool.

GroomerDK Danish knife - SUPER FINE

A great detailer ...

Our knives are result of collected experiences after more than 20 years work with hand stripped breeds and connection with top designer 's work. Thank s to that we are today able to offer you knive, which has no comparation on market in:

- comfort - natural wood material, anatomical handle and good space for thumb. Developed exactly for long and comfortable work .

- function - our 4 knives for right hand and 3 knives for left hand can cover all you need . Stripping (without cutting one single hair), wooling, rolling and preparation up to the tinest detail.

- quality - we use only top quality steel, each knife is hand crafted and checked in function before leaving.

- satisfaction - we have 100% satisfied customers and that's something to say!

Our products are highly appreciated by best breeders, handlers and groomers worldwide.